1.5.1 Training Needs Assessment – Sales

Training Needs Assessment – Sales

As a business how do you feel you are responding to these issues?

1. The consumer’s ongoing need for better value.   In retail, the meat category has become a headline advertising product and one of the chief battlegrounds for mass discounting between these retailers


2. Some meat establishments are moving from chilled meats and towards frozen varieties which are more economical for themselves and for the consumer


3. Children’s nutrition as a culinary theme for healthful kids’ meals is leading to a new and growing market niche


4. Consumers have consistently demonstrated their willingness to pay a premium price for local and grass‐fed meats


5. The heat-and-eat category is showing strong sales, catering to shoppers seeking convenience over saving money


6. The interest in marinated meats is rising, just like general interest in spicier and flavourful foods.


7. Trend towards buying ‘straight from the source‟ and community supported agricultural schemes?


8. In Ireland, the emergence of breed branding  e.g Angus and Hereford breeds have strong marketing campaigns (Aldi and Irish Angus joint advertising campaign)


9. Premium breeds gaining popularity and support from foodservice outlets ( e.g. Burger King and Angus burgers)







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