1.5.3 Training Needs Assessment – New Product Development

Training Needs Assessment – New Product Development

As a business how do you feel you are responding to these issues?

1. Retailers are increasingly offering cuts associated with global cuisine as consumers look to replicate dishes found in foodservice in their own homes.


2. Religious practices also carry more and more influence over flavours and tastes. We know that food is an important part of religious observance and spiritual ritual for many different faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.


3. Growing public awareness of ‘new’ breeds’ e.g. Wagyu beef particularly cuts of Kobe.


4. Singles tend to make more frequent visits to food outlets, and buy less on each occasion.  How does the rise of single-person households and their need for convenience change the styles and cuts of meat demanded?


5. How can packaging be used to deliver the optimum portion sizes or keep meat fresh that is bought in bulk?


6. Cook-in pouches have emerged as a new solution to meal preparation and are particularly evident on the shelves of British and Irish retailers.


7. Need for new packaging to  satisfy some consumers desire to avoid handling meat.






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