5.4 Tips for being Innovative in your Business

Innovation has a critical role to play in assisting the meat supply chain sector to defy the gloom and doom of the economic


challenges in the EU and appeal to the consumer. As innovation comes in many formats, this section spotlights key tools to be innovative in your business.

  • Small improvements in how you run the business, communicate and interact with your customers, share information with suppliers and distributors, can make a difference.  Make time every month to reflect on your business to find areas of improvement.   Then, make that change happen.
  • Question. Create a culture of innovation in your business by encouraging ideas from your employees and consumers on a regular basis. Set aside time or a formal process for this. What information should you look for
    • What are we doing well?
    • What can we do better?
    • What would you change in how we do business if you could do anything you wanted?
    • How can we better serve our customers and meet their expectations?
    • How can we stay ahead of the competition?
  • Use your network to generate new ideas, learn from others and access new business.
  • Focus on innovating in smaller, achievable phases. Look for improvements to current products and services.  Seek out innovations that are easily adapted by consumers and don’t require huge investments.Download your innovation culture action plan




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