Part 5 – Innovate – Do What You Do, Only Better

5.1 What is Innovation?


Google the word “innovation” and you’ll find thousands of definitions.  What do we mean by “innovation?”    The word itself comes from the Middle French word “innovacyon,” meaning “renewal” or “new way of doing things”.

In its broadest sense innovation is the development and application of ideas that improve the way you do things and the results you achieve. It’s about making changes that will improve the efficiency, profitability and ultimately, the viability of your business.

Innovation can benefit the key areas of your business including finance, human resources, research and development, sales and marketing or logistics. Innovation does not have to be totally new or revolutionary; it may be a small but incremental improvement that results in a positive outcome.

Your business competitiveness and survival is directly linked to your ability to innovate. We have put together 20 characteristics of innovative people.

1. Visionary11. Is reflective
2. Wants to challenge a status quo 12. Original thinker
3. Curious 13. Sense of humour
4. Stubborn 14. Imaginative
5. Risk taker 15. Energetic
6. Very motivated 16. Severely critical
7. Analytic 17. Motivating
8. Hungry to learn 18. Generous
9. Has a strong intuition 19. Critical nature
10. Likes collaborating 20. Work hard

Are you an innovator?



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