3.4 Instore butcher experience – Denmark

Who said a shop had to be in one permanent place ? This is a very interesting new idea –“Friland”  The Rolling Butcher Shop,  http://www.friland.dk/

Original article: http://www.foodculture.dk/


In Denmark, 17 butcher shops have closed last year, and over the past 10 years the number of butcher shops fell from 395 to 285. The time when the visit to the local butcher was at the top of the shopping list is over. The glistening meat packages in supermarket refrigeration disks have instead taken over consumers for everyday requirements for meat to be covered.

As a consequence of this trend, “Friland”  (http://www.friland.dk/)  has arranged a butcher shop on wheels. Over the next three months it will sell organic butchery outside five different supermarket stores on Zealand.
“We’re going out and meeting the general consumer where he or she is. Many choose to do without a butcher on a busy day, and by providing a rolling butcher shop, we make it easier to get nice quality meat to take home, “said Maria Bast, who is Head of Open Air A / S, which sells Danish organic meat.  The idea behind a shop on wheels is not new. Fish shops have for many years rolled around on Danish roads and sold fish in specially equipped buses




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