3.1 Instore butcher experience – Australia

Victor Churchill, a butchers store in a well-to-do Sydney, Australia suburb, has invested significantly in its in-store experience, including a premium store fit-out and near-theatrical meat displays.  http://www.victorchurchill.com/experience/ and http://www.victorchurchill.com/come-inside/

  • Customers can enjoy  meat master classes including sausage making, beef butchery, pork butchery a kids class and more.
  • Information about different cuts of meat is being made more accessible by traditional butchers
  • See the butchers at work in the specially designed cool room.
  • Consumers can see meat drying in the dry ageing room, under the glow of the Himalayan rock salt wall


Izarzugaza Butcher’s shop Butcher Experience, Spain      

This video told in first person, shows the evolution of a Basque family’s butcher shop since its opening in 1906 until today, with the fourth generation. Key learning includes :

  • Adaptation to the Customer and Quality.
    • Renewed Image: Similar to a Boutique.
    • High variety of products: Listing of delicatessen.
    • Client Loyalty and High quality in the service: Loyalty card and little gifts with every purchase.
    • 24 hours Vending: To compete with supermarkets.
    • multilingual Virtual Store
  • Tools for Innovation.
    • Commitment to  ongoing continuing  learning and training: Seminars, courses…
    • Attending trade fairs in Innovation in Spain and Europe
    • Making time to innovate.
  •  Results.
    • High profitability.
    • Less price sensitive customers
    • Recognition of the public or customers of their premium product offering .



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