Part 3 : Creating a 21st Century Butcher Shop


A traditional trade that can thrive in a modern world – that’s how independent butchers view their craft in the 21st century. Tom Schneller, associate professor of butchery at the Culinary Institute of America sets the scene “People want to know where their meat comes from and have a relationship with their butchers, just like the old days.”   But for many years it was an industry in decline, with many independent butchers coming under pressure from supermarket meat counters and prepacked meat products.   After nearly dying out due to supermarket meat departments, old-school butcher shops are back—some with a new twist.  Now you can choose the most specialised meats, butchered to your preference.  The future is much more about the meat experience, the skill of the butcher, the drama of the display counter, the interactivity with the consumer, sharing recipes.

Butchers are even becoming famous! identified the profession of being a butcher as one of the top food trends of 2010 and the New York Times‘ journalist Kim Severson wrote that “Young Butchers Gain Rock Star Status in the Food World”:

In this section, we travel the world looking at best practice, highlighting methodologies and approaches that can be adopted in EU meat establishments.




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