2.3 Precision Marketing


You will have heard of targeted marketing where you direct your marketing effort at specific groups of people you wish to sell to – this could be a geographic target (everyone in a 20km radius), a business segment (e.g. food service) or a demographic (college students).  Given advertising and marketing can be very expensive, we would like to upskill you in more precise targeting where success is based on not trying to appeal to everyone but being very focused and specific on key niche markets.   Marketing is changing…..

Old Marketing

  • Consists of mass marketing of static content – one size fits all message Little or no real time interaction
  • Not only is that an expensive tactic, it’s also not nearly as effective as targeting your ideal customers

Examples of ‘old’ marketing

  • Newspaper or magazine marketing
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Printed brochure

New Marketing  – build relationships

  • Market to the people who want to hear from you!
  • Targeted niche marketing approach with dynamic content and real time actions
  • When you organize your marketing (and your business itself) around your ideal customer set, you have an opportunity to truly speak to that audience in terms they understand and are likely to respond to

Examples of ‘new’ marketing23_world

  • Ezine with exclusive special offers relevant to the recipient
  • Social media marketing – Facebook offers, recipes
  • SMS text messaging
  • Use of QR codes to bring people to specific information – could be a demonstration video, meet the farmer etc.
  • You tube advertising

The next section deals with attracting your ideal customer and will assist you prepare you to target your marketing activity towards same.




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