2.2 Get branded, tell and sell your story


2.2.1  New to branding?        

Did you know that the starting point for great marketing is to develop / redefine your brand.  Why?  Brand Loyal customers

  • Are less price sensitive
  • Have more of an emotional connection with your business  – over time they trust your business more, a brandportrays a sense of professionalism to your customers.
  • Increase sales revenue overtime – maximise the life value of a customer
  • Are less costly to service
  • Become Brand advocates – Get your customers talking about and recommending you!

A brand is more than a logo.

  • A brand should communicate what makes your business distinctive – refer back to your USPs as the starting point.
  • A brand should represent your company’s culture or philosophy. Think of it as the face of your organisation.
  • Your brand helps you stand out from the competition.A visually interesting and stimulating logo, when displayed on your website, print materials, and social media sites, will help you stand out from your competition and help your customers relate to your brand.

2.2.2 Need to review your brand?

If you already have a brand, it may be useful to review same to ensure it is working well for your business and connects with your customers and potential customers.    Some useful articles to assist you in this process are brand audit article 1 and brand audit article 2 .

Branding case studies for meat establishments

  1. UK family butcher John Crawshaw wanted to grow his business.  He admits ‘the product was good, and we were doing many positive things, like local sourcing, but we weren’t communicating this effectively’. Read his story as to how branding was key to professionalizing his marketing.    http://www.designcouncil.org.uk/our-work/leadership/case-studies/john-crawshaw-butchers/
  2. UK butchers Stilton Butchers http://www.stiltonbutchers.co.uk/ used a graphic design agency to apply a new branding strategy across all promotional materials.  View their branding story  http://www.simonbelldesign.co.uk/CS-stilton-butchers.htm
  3. Fifth generation Irish family butcher McCarthy’s of Kanturk underwent a recent rebranding process with Irish designer Momentum Marketing.  The new brand communicates it’s provenance and long standing family artisan traditions.oldbrandnew_brand
  4. The Danish Trade Association Danske Slagtermestre (”Danish Master Butchers”) or DSM, is a marketing organization and an employer’s organization. http://www.danskeslagtermestre.dk which has approx. 400 members, including private butchers, abattoirs and food industry.  DSM offers professional marketing through it’s in-house advertising agency.   One brand concept is promotes is  Mad Med Mere (“Food Etcetera”) http://www.madmedmere.dk/forside/ where shops can benefit from a common brand for campaigns, shops facades, work wear, suppliers, Internet, in-store TV, and promotional campaigns e.g.   “ The Friday gourmet package”

There is learning for meat chain supply establishments in reviewing the following You Tube videos on the subject of branding and developing branding strategies.

What is branding? What is brand strategy ?

2.2.3 Tell and sell your story

If you complete this section you will have powerful marketing material which can be used to start a PR campaign.

Your meat business has a compelling story to tell. Are you sharing it? Instead of just selling meat, meat establishments need to share the story behind their product and process.  This brings the product to life and gives the business a real personality with an authentic message.   It is a well known maxim that People Buy People.   Your personal story and whyyou do what you do can also be a powerful testimony about your meat expertise.

Once you’ve outlined your story, start sharing it. Update your website content so it is more personable.  Build on your story over time as new developments emerge in the business.

TIP   Avoid sameness

  • Avoid over-used expressions. How “unique” is unique?
  • You need to sell YOUR personality – write in language real people understand. Get rid of the jargon. Make your sentences shorter. Add a touch of humour. Sound like you are a human!
  • Let your customers see, taste, touch, and smell your products through descriptions that create powerful images in their mind.

2.2.4 Invest in good photos of yourself and the business 

People often think in terms of pictures.  If you want to be remembered, then you have to have a selection of professional and interesting did photographs of yourself in the context of your business, your product (both raw and in finished recipes), your premises, your employees and customers – ensure to keep your photos fresh.  Use your photographs on your website, on social media channels and in the press.   Use your own camera to photograph milestones in the business including seasonal events.  Establish an online photographic album on specialist social media channels such as Pinterest  (example:- Sea Breeze Farm) and  Flickr  (example:- The Butcher Shop,  Boston).

Self Assessment Exercise 2.2 :  Tell your story  – this template will assist you in writing your story <DOWNLOAD>



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