2.1 Define your USPs (Unique Selling Proposition)

It is vital that businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.  The Unique Sales Proposition is also known as your Point of Difference. If you make your business stand apart from the crowd, everything you do will be easier. Appropriate for the meat sector, Seth Godin refers to this as your Purple Cow, your Unique Sales Proposition (USP) which makes your business different from anything else out there – the reason customers will come to you and not them.   Godin’s concept of the purple cow came from his observation of cows. After looking at them for a while they all look the same, common and ordinary.  But a purple cow would stand out and draw attention.


Please identify at least five clear USPs (or Purple Cow benefits) that define exactly what you offer your customer that the broader market doesn’t. Here’s how to start:

  • Ask your customers
  • Ask your staff
  • Ask your employees
  • Ask your suppliers
  • Ask your business associates

Examples of USPs for Abattoirs:-

 Abattoir butchers offer a unique proposition in the areas of sourcing, killing, producing, preparing, marketing, distributing and selling fully traceable local quality artisan meat. They have complete control over the entire supply chain process which empowers them to create a powerful marketing message based on genuine full traceability.

Danish Example

Stensved slaughterhouse  http://www.stensvedslagtehus.dk/Profil.html


In addition to slaughtering, preparation and sales for their own business, this business offers subcontract slaughtering of beef, lamb and pigs for small private farmers and local butchers. This is a niche market and with growing number of small hobby farmers who needs a service of slaughtering of small numbers of animals and preparation of various meat products.

Examples of USPs for Butchers:-

Danish Examples

Boeslunde Roegeri


This butcher shop has a number of USPs

  • It incorporates its own “old-fashioned” smoke house
  • It sells its products only via the internet, means order taking is done via internet and products are to be collected in the shop during Wednesday-Friday. It is not possible to buy products unless ordered in advance via the internet shop.

TorvehallerneKBH    http://torvehallernekbh.dk/


TorvehallerneKBH is Copenhagen’s biggest and best food market with over 60,000 weekly visitors. There are over 60 different stalls that sell food of the highest quality and for every budget. High quality meat is sold in the market and lots of personality, passion and storytelling is used to attract fussy customers from the Copenhagen area.  A key USP is the very talented professionals who love to share their knowledge and passion for food.

The market has a focus on diversity and is highly interactive promoting tastings, seasonal promotions and rarities from near and far. The starting point is the fundamental respect for the product, meal and food culture. The key words are quality, freshness and direct contact between traders and producers.

EXERCISE 2.1 : – This exercise will help you to identify what your USP is or will be in the near future. <DOWNLOAD>




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